One of the worst days I’ve had in years.

I could go into everything that happened today, but I’m a little too tired, and it’s a little too late for that right now. So, I’ll give you a blow by blow instead.

I get about 5 hours of sleep, which was interrupted about 4 times, I get out of bed and get my foot attack by my cat, piercing one of my toes. After that I walk 4 miles to the store to pickup some stuff that I need, as I’m going to try to make some Chow Mei Fun today. Turns out they’re out of peanut oil, and the only bag of bean sprouts is rotten. While I’m at the store I try to back up my cart, it catches on my ankle and the force “tears” open part of my ankle/heel. After limping through the rest of the store, I head home, with only minor blood stains on my shoes (really wasn’t too bad, but still).

About an hour after getting home, a friend calls, he took one of our cats in a few years ago when we couldn’t have more than one. Her neck was oddly crooked to the side, and she refused to move it. Since she’s still rather dear to me, I ride with him to the vet’s office and offer to pay the bill. The only good news in this, is that after about 3 hours at the vet, it turns out she just has an ear infection, and she should be fine in a couple of days (with the medicine).

So, I get home, time to make dinner. Even without the proper ingredients, we’re gonna have some chow mei fun anyway. Getting the meat finally cut up, we begin soaking it in its marinade, and take out the rice noodles (which I bought just a few days ago). There’s a really odd “rancid” smell coming from them, almost like bad vegetable oil. After going online, it turns out these things can go bad (which it doesn’t mention any sort of date on the package), and that my noodles are worthless. Well, since the chicken is all ready to be stir fried, we decide to make some rice, and some custom gravy in a separate pot, kind of screwing the idea of chow mei fun.

So I make the rice, and need to get some stuff ready, since I’m out of counter space, I put the unbelievably hot rice pot next to the sink. Not 5 minutes later, I manage to get a 1st degree burn on my left elbow. Following this, I add the ingredients in to stir fry, which I’ve never done before. Well, it turns out there was too much liquid in with the marinade and this has completely ruined my dinner, which had to be made into a rather greasy boiled soy hybrid thing that was “okay” but certainly not something I enjoyed.

So, to recap. I got 5 hours of interrupted sleep, I was stabbed, walked 4 miles, got my ankle torn open and the most important things I was there to buy, they were out of. Once I got home, I found out my cat needed to go to an emergency visit to the vet, which cost a lot of money (but was well worth it, I assure you), and after several hours of waiting I find out that she’ll be okay. Once I get home, my noodles are bad, I get burned by the rice and my dinner is ruined.

So, here I sit, exhausted, in pain in many different places, and finally ready for bed. =P おやすみなさい! =D



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