They’re not even trying anymore.

Man, a guy vanishes for 2 days and he comes back to a comment box filled with spam. The sad thing, they weren’t even trying anymore. It’s almost like they randomly flipped through a dictionary and just picked words out. At least some of the ones I got before were funny. =P

I know, I talk too much about that spam I get on here. What can I say? When I’m tired, my mind tends to fixate. And right now, I’m extremely tired. But, I have some exciting news! I have just recently learned of several new webpages to check out. Including something that might actually allow me to stream Japanese television (I still need to look to see if this one is legal)! So, Despite having some stuff to do tomorrow, I’m gonna start digging through these pages and see what I can add to my links/use for myself. =P

Alright, I have to cut this one short, I’m waking up in about 5 hours, and that’s if I was currently asleep (yeah, this is pretty much the third day in a row like that =P). So, I’m afraid this’ll be a little short. Still, From what I’ve seen I should have a couple of links to be adding soon! =D おやすみなさい! =D



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