I learned an interesting variation on a word today.

February 28, 2010

You know, one of the things I thought I had down pretty well in Japanese was the word “iru”. But, Rosetta Stone seems to have shown me a usage I didn’t know about.

While doing my lesson I stumbled across the word “irimasu”. Since I had never heard the word before, I decided to load up google to find the plain form. Everything I could find on it seems to indicate that its plain form is iru.

Normally this wouldn’t be very interesting information, but the “polite” form of iru is supposed to be imasu. So, it seems there are some variations of the polite forms of words that I haven’t encountered in any of my lessons. I guess I’m going to have to spend some extra time looking into words I thought I already learned. =P

I haven’t gotten my review finished yet (I am pretty bad about these things), but I should get around to it in the next few days. For now, you’ll just have to settle for my daily posts. =P

Alright, I’m going to keep this fairly short again (I keep doing these way too late at night). おやすみなさい (Oyasumi nasai!) =D



I stand corrected.

February 27, 2010

The other day I told you all that I was getting level three of the White Rabbit Press Kanji Flashcards. Well, as it turns out, I was given Volume 3 of the Tuttle Kanji Flashcards.

I suppose this can be considered a blessing and a curse. I’m hesitant to start memorizing the 500+ characters that are in the set, if for no other reason than because I haven’t learned enough of the basic Kanji to really use this thing yet. But, it does give me the perfect chance to write a review for it! =D

I think the best thing about the review is that I don’t really need to memorize the cards to see how well they work. I mean, let’s face it, flashcards will always function, it’s just a matter of how well they function.

Other than that, I moved through another two lessons in Rosetta Stone today. I know I’ve been pretty bad about that lately. My problem is that I don’t really like Rosetta Stone. I mean, I’ve certainly used worse methods of learning, but I seem to keep justifying to myself to just review my old lessons for the day rather than moving on.

Well, I’m back in full swing with it again (I hope), so hopefully I’ll be able to write up a review of level 1 pretty soon.

Now I must head off to sleep. おやすみなさい (Oyasumi nasai!) =D


I have stayed up way too late.

February 26, 2010

Well, I’m going to end up keeping this post fairly short. I know I haven’t really had much interesting to write about lately, but it’s an absurdly late time of night (even by my standards).

Still, I could stop myself and head off to bed yet. I just finished watching the season finale of Merlin. It was really good, and I’m looking forward to the coming season.

Well, I’m off to bed (told you it would be short). Tomorrow I’m planning on putting together those flashcards. If all turns out well, I may just end up adding that to my page about studying Japanese. =P

Night! おやすみなさい (Oyasumi nasai!) =D


I get the strangest referrals…

February 25, 2010

I haven’t been at this that long (110th post), and I’ve never really run anything like a webpage before. So, I think it’s safe to say that I have little to no experience with this kind of thing. But really, how do some of these pages even know about me?

I check out my stats page and I’m getting linked to from pages about drug addiction, accounting, and just about anything else you can come up with. I mean, I’m glad that people are finding their way here (and I do hope they enjoy the page), but I can’t help but get confused at some of the links.

Ah well, I’m sure it’s for that better that I don’t know. =P Well, I’ve spent some time practicing my Japanese today, but I don’t have anything particularly entertaining to type about it. Tomorrow I intend to do quite a bit of extra studying, but for now it’s getting late.

I must go and get plenty of sleep for tomorrow! おやすみなさい (Oyasumi nasai!) =D


3 hours of sleep.

February 24, 2010

I managed to finally kick my headache, only to get up just three hours after I went to bed. I suppose it could be worse, I did manage to stay up all day.

I decided just to review some Japanese tonight. I know I should move on, but I’m at that point where my eyes are starting to have trouble focusing on the screen. It doesn’t help that I have to do so much reading with Rosetta Stone (after all, I need to learn those Kanji).

Fear not, I am going to dedicate some extra time over the next few days to my Japanese. I’ve been somewhat lax in my advancement lately, and I figure I should spend some extra time catching myself up.

I’ve also been informed that I’m being given the White Rabbit Press Kanji flashcards. While this would normally be exciting news, I am apparently receiving volume 3 from the set. I unfortunately haven’t gotten around to getting the earlier ones, and this one appears to be for the hardest JLPT. I think it would be kind of sad to learn the 903 most difficult kanji before I learned most of the basic ones. =P

Alright, I must get to sleep (both my eyes and my lord and master cat agree that it is past my bedtime). おやすみなさい (Oyasumi nasai!) =D


The headache survived through the night.

February 23, 2010

I think waking up with your heading pounding is one of the worst ways you can get up in the morning. Ah well, thanks to some medication, my head seems fine now.

I continue to move along in Rosetta Stone (and can’t help but nitpick at a lot of the mistakes I see), but they still aren’t covering much that’s new. Still, even if I’m not learning much in the way of words, I am managing to memorize a couple of Kanji along the way.

I’m starting to wonder if I should do a three part review of Rosetta Stone. I mean, it has three different levels, and it would allow me to get up a review for it sometime in the near future. It could end up being a while before I end up completing the whole thing. Ah well, just something to consider doing.

Alright, I admit it. I could have made the flashcards today. I had plenty of time that I could have spent creating them, but you know what I did instead? I watched a bunch of “Merlin” episodes. I stumbled on this show the other day, and I ended up really liking it. I know it’s not accurate to the Arthurian legend, and I know it has plenty of errors on tech-level for the time, but it’s a nice fun show to watch.

So, now that I’ve confessed to my wrong doings, I shall take my slap on the wrist flogging, and move on. What can I say? Waking up with a headache just makes me feel less inclined to do something productive that day. =P

Alright, it’s rather late. I meant to add a link to http://chokochoko.wordpress.com, but I’ve been terrible about doing that lately. So, for those of you interested, feel free to check out a fellow blogger’s page. I do plan to add it officially to my Links section tomorrow (assuming I remember =P), but I figured I could at least add it into my post for now.

I’m off! おやすみなさい (Oyasumi nasai!) =D


Well, I’ve got another headache.

February 22, 2010

I’m seriously beginning to think it’s an allergy that I have around this time of year. Ah well, I didn’t let it interfere with my Japanese studies, so I guess it’s not that big of a deal.

Well, I still haven’t managed to make up my flashcards yet. I know I should have gotten around to it today, but it’s too late now. =P I’m hoping I can fit it in tomorrow, but I’m going to have a fairly busy day. Course, I can’t let things like that prevent me from practicing my Japanese, so it really would be in my best interest to get them made.

I think the reason I put it off is that I have horrible handwriting. I’m not really sure why I do, it’s just something that has always been (gave my teachers endless trouble in school). Considering how very skilled I am with my hands (gaming, typing, cooking, etc, etc) you’d think I’d have the dexterity to create some perfect looking flashcards, alas I seem to lack any semblance of artistic talent.

Well, I guess I’m just going to have to man up and make them anyway (let’s just hope they’ll be able to read them). =P Alright, I’m off to take some Tylenol and get to sleep. おやすみなさい (Oyasumi nasai!) =D