Short post.

I really should stop naming my posts things like that. It’s almost a warning that whatever I’m going to type today isn’t going to be very important.

It’s true, mind you, but I shouldn’t be warning you of that right off the bat! =P Well, I did actually pick up an interesting bit of trivia, that now I’m going to have to look into. See, I happened to hear someone use a very odd phrase, “blue with envy”. From what little I’ve looked into on the subject, it seems that in Japan, the color blue is associated with envy and jealousy, rather than the color green.

I’d ask why they chose blue instead of green, but in truth, I’m not sure why we use green to represent envy to begin with. Still, now that the idea of colors in language have come to mind, I can’t help but wonder what else the Japanese people use, either like English or not. For instance, does someone still turn red with anger?

In the end, I have no idea, but it’s an interesting little thing I’ll have to look into at some point, if for no better reason than to keep myself entertained (that is always the goal, after all). =P

And now that I have bored you all with colors (what? To me it’s kind of like the fact that trains still “run” in Japanese), I must head to bed. I know, it’s short, but I did warn you. Besides, it’s late, and I’ve got another one of those busy days planned for tomorrow. =P おやすみなさい! =D



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