Watched a new anime today.

December 30, 2009

I checked out Hikaru no Go today. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I’m enjoying it. I’m kind of surprised they even managed to come up with a story to go along with it. =p

Well, I’m getting tired. おやすみなさい (Oyasumi nasai!) =D



Alright, second post for the day.

December 29, 2009

Well, I’ve been true to my word. I have officially added my review. It’s not pretty, but it’s up. I’ll likely go through tomorrow or the next day and add some images to spice it up (and hopefully give everyone a better idea of what it’s like).

I’ve moved on in Yan, but only by one episode. I would have tried two, but it’s getting late and I’ve still got some stuff to do before I head off to bed.

In tonight’s lesson I learn – toki ni. Basically, toki ni (with the plain form of a verb coming before it) allows you to tell someone when something should be done (like saying “Don’t forget to turn off the lights before you leave.”). We also learned that you can put it together with -masu verbs and it let’s you state what you use something for.

So, while it’s a simple sentence, I imagine it’ll see plenty of use. =D Since it was so simple, I should be able to move on to the next lesson tomorrow pretty easily. I am still disappointed at how little they cover in a single episode, but they are focusing on things that I’ll be using fairly often.

Alright, I’m off. Hope you guys and gals enjoy the new review! おやすみなさい (Oyasumi nasai!) =D


*Gasp* I forgot to post! =O

December 29, 2009

Some people would likely just say, “These things happen.”, but I’m not allowed to do that. =P I have a terrible habit of putting things off if I’m allowed to. So, as some form of making up for it, I will be posting twice today. This one will be about yesterday, and then later on today I’ll cover what I’ve learned today.

First and foremost, I’d like to announce that I have placed an order for Final Fantasy XIII. So, here’s hoping I’ll be able to understand it well enough to write a proper review. This also means that I have somewhere between 10 and 18 days (how long it’ll take to ship) to heavily practice my Japanese.

Alright, now to cover what I did. Okay, it wasn’t that interesting anyway. I did mostly review (I know, not a good way to start out my heavily practicing =P). However, I did spent the better part of an hour with my Kanji Learner’s Dictionary. I just want to take a moment and express my awe at how much work had to go into this thing. I mean, despite how much time I spent with it (and I’m not a slow reader) I still haven’t even gotten to looking up a character in it. At the beginning of this thing, they have like 45 pages dedicated to how awesome this dictionary is (and from what I’m reading, they have every right to be cocky).

So, the plan today is to move on in Yan (possibly even cover two lessons, if I feel up for it), and to figure out how to use this dictionary. I’ve gotten a decent amount of sleep, and I think the rush of a new JRPG on the way should power me through. =P

Alright, I’m off for now. おはようございます (Ohayou gozaimasu!)

Edit: Oh, I’m also going to add my review today. It’s the least I can do for not updating at all yesterday. =P


I moved on, but I didn’t add the review…

December 27, 2009

I’m afraid that I’m just not very good with HTML. Since this page kinda needs it to do the formating, I’m going to have to put if off until tomorrow. I know I’ve been kinda slow on my lessons lately (I blame being tired from trying to shift my schedule). Don’t worry, I’m gonna start doing my lessons earlier in the day, just so I avoid taking the lazy route of only reviewing old lessons.

In addition to that, since I’m (hopefully) going to be getting FFXIII soon, I’m going to learn how to work my massive Kanji Dictionary. I own the Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Dictionary. From what I understand, they have three different ways of looking up the kanji. I guess I can just hope that I’ll be able to work with one of them. =P

In other non Japanese related news, I’m going to be able to watch the 3rd season of Babylon 5 soon! =D I’ve been waiting three months for the older seasons to cycle through. Here’s hoping that the third season is as good as the last two! =P

Well, I’m off. おやすみなさい (Oyasumi nasai!) =D


I just watched Shogun.

December 26, 2009

Well, not completely. It is a rather long mini-series after all. Still, I’m quite impressed with it so far. For something like this to be so well acted is fairly unheard of. I tried reading the book once, but it didn’t go well. Don’t get me wrong, I love to read. The major problem was the 30 (and I’m not exaggerating) pages spent at the beginning talking about longitude this and latitude that. I’m not much of a sea going type and I was horribly bored by what I read.

Fortunately, this mini-series is quite different. I really do want to know what’s going to happen to Anjin-san. =P

I did do a little bit of studying, but not as much as I should. Truth be told, I have a pretty bad headache and intend to take NyQuil pretty soon. I do however have a bit of a surprise for you guys.

I finished writing up a new Review! =D I’m pretty sure I’ll put it up tomorrow (hopefully with some pictures this time). So at least you guys have something to look forward to. =P


Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2009

I am unfortunately unable to advance in my lessons today. Fear not, I shall review my various lessons and still put in some effort toward learning the language. =D

Well, I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday celebrations! おやすみなさい (Oyasumi nasai!) =D


Alright, this time I think I’ll remember it. =P

December 24, 2009

I’m rather tired again, but today I think I’ve got it. I know I’ve been kinda neglecting my page recently, but this whole shifting schedule thing makes it kinda hard to come up with something interesting to write about.

For those of you wondering, yes I even plan on studying my Japanese on Christmas. I should be able to move on tomorrow, and hopefully they’ll pick up the pace on these lessons (this last one only covered two sentences).

Oh well, I’m off. おやすみなさい (Oyasumi nasai!) =D