O.o 11!

11 spam comments sitting in my box today. I mean really, isn’t that just a bit excessive? =P

Well, after a long, but entertaining, day, I’m pretty tired. I spent a little while digging around my 2 sites looking for a language exchange partner. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m making my standards too high. I mean, I thought it was pretty reasonable to find someone that could list at least one thing we both like, but it just doesn’t seem to be something that’s happening (and my own attempts haven’t been going so well). And it’s not like people don’t get specific, but I keep getting my hopes up. =P

They’ll be like, “I like movies!” and I’ll think to myself, “I like movies, I wonder if we would have any interests in common.” Then when I read farther on they list off what I consider to be a HORRIBLE selection of movies. Now, I could contact this person, but not only would we have the awkwardness of still not having much in common, I’d now have several movies I’d like to rant about and they likely couldn’t follow my ranting! =P

Still, part of me is wondering if I should just bite the bullet and go back to the awkward, not having much to talk about, language exchange. I mean, at least I’d be getting in the practice, which would be good for me. I mean, I guess nothing’s stopping me from doing both. I guess I’ll start looking for broad categories again, starting tomorrow.

So, yeah, that’s my excitement for the evening. My D&D game is in partial shambles, and I’m attempting to paste it back together again, but it seems like it’ll be a bit of a struggle. I know all/most of you don’t care about that, but darn it, I’m too tired to think of anything else to type! =P

Alright, I guess that should be taken as a sign to stop typing then, huh? =P おやすみなさい! =D



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