Not my fault, honest! =P

I know I didn’t post last night. Now, normally I’d be sitting here talking about how I’m terrible for doing that kind of thing lately, but it’s not my fault! See, just as I was feeling tired, and as though my body could not continue any longer, I figured I’d log on here and try to come up with some way to entertain you all (I’m selfless and awesome like that, humble too!). Alas, my page wouldn’t load! =O So, I tried loading it about 6 more times over the following hour and a half, but to no avail. Eventually, I gave in to temptation and passed out underneath my soft, snuggly, blanket.

So, what amazing tale did I have to share with you from yesterday? I got the mirin! =D Yes, after 4 hours, a lot of walking (no driving thanks to my shoulder injury), and thankfully only one low blood sugar attack, I managed to achieve true greatness. By greatness I mean I got the mirin and some non-moldy ginger! =P Now, unfortunately for all of you, I have not yet made my (supposedly) amazing ramen yet. For you see, it is tradition in my household to cook vast amounts of food, so that we might be lazy and feast for several days rather than only a single evening. Well, currently sitting (quite comfortably, I might add) within my fridge is enough food for at least tomorrow. But, this is not entirely a bad thing. After all, I’ve been reading quite a bit, and from what I’ve found, quite a bit of this is actually better if given a chance to sit overnight (the Dashi is supposed to get better if it sits over night, the soft boiled egg recipe has it sitting in the fridge overnight, etc, etc). So, likely tomorrow (we’ll have to wait and see), I shall begin the prep work of my first home made ramen.

Now, I could sit here for hours and regale you with amazing tales of my study of Kanji, however, the sun has risen, and I am a terrible person for still being awake. So, it seems you shall have to wait at least another day before you can truly experience the joy of me having nothing better to type about again. =P おやすみなさい! =D



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