Yeah, might have skipped a night. =P

So, I might have kind of not felt like typing something up last night. It was late, I had to wake up early, and I warned you all that I was gonna be busy for the next couple of days. Besides, I didn’t really have anything to talk about, as I didn’t watch Star Trek yesterday (or today for that matter, but I’ll get into that in a minute).

So, it took a little longer than expected for the DVD to arrive, but I now have it, ready to subject myself to the horror at any time. Why didn’t I watch it yet? Because the person I’m going to watch it with went to bed early today. It happens, in fact, I’m going to bed early today! I know, kind of rare for me, but sometimes you just need to catch up on some sleep.

So, I now have the movie, and I will be watching it tomorrow! I haven’t put in any work on that review yet, but I’m hoping it isn’t going to take too long once I get around to it. I’ve got stuff to do tomorrow and some friends coming over, so between that and the movie, I’m not likely to get a chance to start it. Look at the bright side, I’m still making time for my lessons! Not that me doing my lessons impacts all of you that much, but I’m working on updates for you guys (admittedly, very slowly). =P

So, off to get some sleep with me. I’ll try to put in some work on the review tomorrow, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Later!



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