Well, I didn’t do what I wanted.

But, I still did manage to get some stuff done. Not enough to really work with, but it’s a start. I still need to add Kanji too, but it’s late and I’m still working on shifting my schedule back.

I kind of need to keep this post short, as I need to head off to sleep, and I still have some stuff to do around here before I can do that. Still, I can spare a minute to type something up.

Well, I got a search result today from someone who apparently finished Rosetta Stone, but they’re not sure where to go from there. Well, given that I’m stuck in a similar position, it seem my page didn’t help them. Still, you wouldn’t think something like this would be as difficult to accomplish. I think once I finish this review, I’m going to try to look into what are all of the options for someone who doesn’t want to tutor or formal courses. I mean, there are bound to be some books or web pages that can cover some more stuff without just leaving people dead in the water looking for their own solutions.

Alright, that’s all the time for today. おやすみなさい! =D



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