I approve. =P

I have just recieved 3 spam comments on my most recent post complaining about spam. =P

Well, today was the last day of E3. So, what were my overall thoughts? Just when I thought Nintendo was going to be owned by the Move, the 3DS makes a really impressive showing. I don’t really care how impressive the 3d is, it’s the sheer power of the hand-held that makes me think they’ll do well.

Kinect, just seems like a joke to me. I mean, half of the games coming out for it really remind me of the early Webcam games (like playing basket ball on your monitor). It doesn’t help when they have people on stage acting out what’s going on screen rather than actually have the Kinect doing something (I’m looking at you Star Wars demo). I think the biggest joke is the price. $150, may sound pretty good if you’ve got 4 people to play with, but for anyone who doesn’t, it’s more like a slap in the face.

Games, I was fairly disappointed in this year. Lots of sequels, and most of the new games didn’t seem to bring anything new or exciting (Never Dead, etc). Now, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is probably the only game I’ll be excited to pick up around Christmas (I think that’s when they said it would be released). 40 playable characters (including all the Peins), added a new combo system onto the game, Online multiplayer (including international matches), plus during the gameplay segment with Gamespot (or was it IGN?) they were talking about doing some sort of online mission/ranking system. That’s pretty much everything I asked for the first game to be. =P

Alright, now onto my Japanese. I have been studying my Kanji, but I didn’t spend as much time with it today as I should have. I’ve still got a lot of stuff to do tomorrow, but I should be able to start looking over Anki, so I can get started on my reviews again.

Alright, that’s it for me! おやすみなさい! =D



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