Huh (yes, I’m that bad at naming my posts).

Well, I’ve had an exciting day today! =D I didn’t actually upload my video *whistles innocently*, but that doesn’t have anything to do with Japanese learning anyway, so you can’t get mad at me, right? =P

Well, my day was exciting because I found another new anime (as though I didn’t have enough to watch =P)! I just discovered Utawarerumono (which seems to translate into “Songs of Legend”, I wouldn’t know, but that’s what I’ve read ^.^). It’s a very well done anime from what I’ve seen so far, and the only real complaint I have right now is that the animation seems a little rough at times. Still, it’s always fun to find a new show I enjoy! =P

Also, I’m most of the way through memorizing the small (30) Kanji list I created, so I’m going to have to start adding the rest of them. I’ve been adding them in order, from most used on down. I’m not sure how accurate the list is about that, but they do seem like words you’d use a lot.

Other than that, I find it odd that almost every search leading to my page has been about Erin’s Challenge I Can Speak Japanese. I actually did a search for it on Google and I show up on the first page. O.o I guess that makes me an expert on the subject. =P Don’t get me wrong, I really like a lot of the changes they made with it, but why did they have to do that with the subtitles?! Ah well, hopefully some people can get some use out of it. I’d actually try to load it up to see if there’s anything I could learn, but I’m having some “issues” with playing DVDs at the moment. Granted, I have 2 video game consoles that could load it up, but I think it’s safe to say that I’d just say I’d do it, and then never actually bother. =P

Alright, it’s late and I’m tired. I’ve got quite a bit of stuff to do tomorrow, but I’ll try to put in some work on my next review. Well, おやすみなさい!



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