It’s official, I have a language exchange partner! =D

Well, the extra time I spent writing those up last night seem to have paid off, I’ve met someone who seems very nice and we have some similar interests.

So, between writing several e-mails and doing my Japanese practice, my brain is officially exhausted. I’m sure it happens to everyone, but I’m going to blame it on how little sleep I’ve been getting lately. After all, I’ve got appearances to keep up (although, I really haven’t been getting much sleep lately)! =P

I didn’t end up working on my Rosetta Stone review (big surprise, I know), and I don’t really have much of an excuse. I mean, I just sort of forgot. =P This is why I have this page you know, I used to do this with my Japanese lessons.

Alright, it’s already really late at night, and I’d like to get a little extra sleep tonight. おやすみなさい! (Oyasumi Nasai!) =D



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