The headache survived through the night.

I think waking up with your heading pounding is one of the worst ways you can get up in the morning. Ah well, thanks to some medication, my head seems fine now.

I continue to move along in Rosetta Stone (and can’t help but nitpick at a lot of the mistakes I see), but they still aren’t covering much that’s new. Still, even if I’m not learning much in the way of words, I am managing to memorize a couple of Kanji along the way.

I’m starting to wonder if I should do a three part review of Rosetta Stone. I mean, it has three different levels, and it would allow me to get up a review for it sometime in the near future. It could end up being a while before I end up completing the whole thing. Ah well, just something to consider doing.

Alright, I admit it. I could have made the flashcards today. I had plenty of time that I could have spent creating them, but you know what I did instead? I watched a bunch of “Merlin” episodes. I stumbled on this show the other day, and I ended up really liking it. I know it’s not accurate to the Arthurian legend, and I know it has plenty of errors on tech-level for the time, but it’s a nice fun show to watch.

So, now that I’ve confessed to my wrong doings, I shall take my slap on the wrist flogging, and move on. What can I say? Waking up with a headache just makes me feel less inclined to do something productive that day. =P

Alright, it’s rather late. I meant to add a link to, but I’ve been terrible about doing that lately. So, for those of you interested, feel free to check out a fellow blogger’s page. I do plan to add it officially to my Links section tomorrow (assuming I remember =P), but I figured I could at least add it into my post for now.

I’m off! おやすみなさい (Oyasumi nasai!) =D



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