A new practice idea to implement.

I’ve found that without someone live to interact with, my ability to come up with Japanese on the spot is rather lacking. This problem is only compounded when I’m presented with something in Japanese using a sentence structure I know, but with words that I’m not used to hearing it with.

So, I think my plan is a simple one. Instead of relying on someone who speaks Japanese to practice my Japanese with, I’m going to gear up the people I know who don’t speak Japanese. The basic premise is to hand a couple of flashcards to people I know, and ask them to randomly ask me the questions on the card, just whenever they think of it. Of course, I will then attempt to answer, which will be listed on the rear of the card.

By creating these by hand, I figure I can expand the sentences beyond what I’m used to hearing, and allowing for the random factor I should be able to spruce up my on the spot capability. I’ve already got one person who has agreed to do it, so hopefully it’ll work out. =P

Aside from that, I’ve just spent some time practicing Japanese, and I watched quite a few episodes of Zeta Gundam today. I’m happy to report that the series has been released on Crunchyroll and is in Japanese with subtitles! =D

I do love it when I can practice Japanese and enjoy a show at the same time. =P

Well, I suppose it’s just about time to head off to bed. おやすみなさい (Oyasumi nasai!) =D



3 Responses to A new practice idea to implement.

  1. お〜、いいなぁ。確かにね、誰かと練習すればといいでしょう。Lang-8というサイト知っているの?毎日日記を書いたり他の人に添削してもらったりするのは勉強に役に立つ。頑張れ!

    • felirc says:

      *cough* That was still a bit advanced for me. Still, due to my awesome powers of Babelfish, I found out what you wrote. =P

      I can’t say I’ve ever heard of Lang-8. It it a blog on here, or perhaps another site entirely?

      I didn’t get around to checking out your page today (I know, I’m terrible), but I will try to get to it tomorrow. =P


  2. No worries haha. Lang-8 is a website where people can write whatever they want, be it a dairy, be it short stories. The idea is language exchange by correcting each others diaries. Its a pretty big site not to mention very popular. It covers just about any language so not just Japanese, although its probably the most popular language (since the site was created by Japanese). If you like to advance your writing, Id recommend checking it out. Just google it 🙂

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