Well, I still haven’t caught up to where I should be.

Reviewing the Rosetta Stone lessons takes quite a bit of time. It doesn’t help that I had to reinstall it with my switch in operating systems, which just had to wipe out all of my previous progress. =P

Ah well, it’s good to review this stuff. I mean, it’s been a while since I covered it and Yan actually left quite a bit of it alone. Still, I need to dedicate some extra time to it tomorrow.

Course, now that I think about it, I need to dedicate extra time to a lot of things. I’ve only got 6 days left to start finish my updates. =P I just figure that I’ve been kind of slacking on adding new material and it would be nice to have a large update for my 100th post. I’m still debating whether I want to spoil what my updates will be, or if I should let those of you that follow my little blog wait a few extra days. *Evil cackle followed by perfectly timed flash of lightning*

Well, I guess you’re just gonna have to wait at least another day, as I’m off to bed. おやすみなさい (Oyasumi nasai!) =D



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