I just watched Shogun.

Well, not completely. It is a rather long mini-series after all. Still, I’m quite impressed with it so far. For something like this to be so well acted is fairly unheard of. I tried reading the book once, but it didn’t go well. Don’t get me wrong, I love to read. The major problem was the 30 (and I’m not exaggerating) pages spent at the beginning talking about longitude this and latitude that. I’m not much of a sea going type and I was horribly bored by what I read.

Fortunately, this mini-series is quite different. I really do want to know what’s going to happen to Anjin-san. =P

I did do a little bit of studying, but not as much as I should. Truth be told, I have a pretty bad headache and intend to take NyQuil pretty soon. I do however have a bit of a surprise for you guys.

I finished writing up a new Review! =D I’m pretty sure I’ll put it up tomorrow (hopefully with some pictures this time). So at least you guys have something to look forward to. =P



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